How To

Interested in becoming a customer of OrganoBike? Here is how it works.

Every Tuesday morning our employee rides our e-bike to the organic market at Eendrachtsplein in Rotterdam. There the organic fruit baskets are picked up. They are already pre-packed in reusable crates by our supplier Versman. The fruit baskets comprise both, some fix fruits like bananas and apples which can be found every week, and some weekly varying selections based on seasonality/lowest footprint. The fruit baskets are then supplied to various offices across Rotterdam and placed in the provided OrganoBike wood crates, so that the employees have their healthy nutritious snack available for their lunch.


You are a small startup or a big conglomerate? No problem, we are flexible!

We offer two different fruit basket sizes.

  • Small Basket for €10,38 per week (excl. btw). It is sufficient for a week for approx. 5 employees.
  • Or Big Basket for €15,99 per week (excl. btw). It is sufficient for a week for approx. 10 employees.


We also offer every second week delivery.

We have no long-term agreement. You decide for how long you want to receive the fruit baskets, but we are sure that once you have tried the fruits you do not want to miss out on your healthy delicious snack anymore.


Convinced? Then just proceed to our subscription form and contact us.

Not convinced? Then proceed to our “Why to” section were we summarized the main benefits of our services for you.